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What have I contributed?
Workshop facilitation, UX design, parts of VD and all animations.


Babette Porcelein discovered how much impact people have on the world on a day to day basis and that we would need at least 3 globes if we keep living the way we do. Babette wants to teach how to live a great life while caring for the earth we live on in the progress.

In order to help and wake people up about their part in this she came up with a tool that can calculate the amount of earth globes we would need if everyone in the world had your consumer pattern.

What have I learned?

A lot about sustainability! It was a great project to work on, with a lot of potential and many ideas. One thing I would do differently next time is, test ideas before designing final versions. Besides that this was my first assignment with a lot of animated parts, using After Effects & LottieFiles. It was a blast to create these.


This project started out with a first sketch version from the clients previous brainstorm. During the kick-off workshop we took these wireframes and questioned all stakeholders about every page there was.

In this workshop we did multiple brainstorm exercises and ended up with multiple amazing ideas for different and new features.

After the workshop I got to the drawing table and started out sketching how this tool could work.

Soon after the sketching phase I started working these out into Axure to share with our client. Since the lockdown had kind of started during this period, I decided to use Loom in order to walk everyone through my progress everyday and explain certain parts.

During our weekly meeting I gathered all feedback I could until it was time to get into visual design. I helped partly with this. Babette creates a lot of illustrations herself and another designer worked on setting the base for branding and created all background illustrations.

In the end I took a lot of those illustrations into after effects to animate these. The perfect example is right on the homepage. Check out

Thank you

For taking time to read and learn about me and my work

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