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Workshop facilitation, UX design, Visual Design and some micro animations.

Assignment Strictly People

Strictly People is all about feeling good! They are recruitment specialists for payroll services. Strictly People did a lot of research and were ready to take their website to the next level. The assignment was to create UX for their procedure for candidates and a fresh brand image. New features, such as track and trace for both client and candidates were added. The logo design was done by a colleague of mine.

What have I learned?

One of my first projects that I have done mostly by myself. This taught me a lot about planning and communication with clients. It was a lot of fun to work closely with our client and show new ideas immediately as they are forming.


For this project we started of setting the boundaries together with Otys and Strictly People. Otys developed this website with their CMS, so it was important to be on the same page from the start.

After setting the boundaries we started dividing our ideas again. During this kick-off workshop I facilitated, I tried to really find out what Strictly People was looking for. We went through various design sprint exercises and created about six concepts that could all be used in our first UX concept. Thanks to all the dots from our heatmap it was easy to spot what everyone felt would work best.

I delivered a summary of the kick-off in which I defined what we would pick up as concepts and where we would focus on.

Once a week I went to Strictly People's office and worked there the entire day. This helped to create a feeling with the company and their values. And it was amazing to quickly show ideas and brainstorm about possible solutions.

With the concepts and boundaries in mind I sketched out every page and flow we would need for Strictly People. After a quick check with the stakeholder I turned these into Axure wireframes so we could also click through and see how it would actually work. After these got checked off, I started on the visual designs.

This visual design process was really fun, I tried to play a lot with their photography, since they do have some amazing shots. In the end I showed about 4 possible homepage setups and went with their most voted version.

These designs have focus around their friendly "always a good feeling" vibe and the photography grabs attention with real customers and their actual recruiters. It's has this personal touch and yet professional feeling.

One of the key features for this website is their track and trace for candidates. It takes away all feelings of uncertainty and creates a clear guide for what can be expected. Featured in and frank watching.

Thank you

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