NN Investment Partners

Through BullFrog Avenue I worked for Nationale Nederlanden Investment Partners (NNIP) for almost 2 years. During these 2 years I worked on multiple projects. Such as nnip.com, NNIP app and a Super Forecaster app.

Assignment nnip.com

This was my first assignment at NNIP. I worked closely with our UX Senior Marcel Jansens and visualized his UX Design into visual designs. NNIP is related to Nationale Nederlanden (NN) and wanted to push forward on digital design to show the possibilities to NN. 

I followed their brand guides to make sure it did fit with the brand image while trying to push the limits of this guide. This caused some discussions for sure and it took nnip.com to where it is now. After delivering this I also worked on various campaign designs and redesigning multiple pages after an usability test was done.

What have I learned?

So much! This was an amazing opportunity with so much space to always try to push a bit further, to take NNIP to a future proof company. This experience taught me to never give up and always try even the boldest designs. It was amazing to work so closely with a driven team.

Other assignments

During my 2 years at NNIP, I also worked on the NNIP IOS app and an internal app. These assignments were shorter projects and both were together with another UX Designer. 

For the internal app I had our customers right on the hallway. This resulted into lots of on the fly testing. Gathering input for logos, designs and new features weekly. I loved the way of working that we set up for that project. 
Check the picture below for examples.

Besides that, I also incorporated more workshops into existing meetings. With these workshops it became easier to collect everyone’s thoughts and decide on next steps to be taken.

Thank you

For taking time to read and learn about me and my work

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