Customer Journey Mapping

What have I contributed?
Setting up a research plan and interview questions. Switched between roles as interviewer and note-taker . Created digital versions of the customer journey maps. Created a research report, interview report and several infographics.


Nationale Nederlanden (NN) wanted to research the process that intermediaries go through while looking for and requesting mortgages for their clients. NN was looking for ways to strengthen the co-operation.

Together with a group of maximum four, mostly just the two of us, we crossed through the Netherlands to talk with intermediaries all over the country. One person asked questions while the other immediately filled in our paper version of the customer journey map that we hung on any spot we could find. We ended up doing seven of these interviews and I turned those into digital ones and compiled this into one journey with the most common and shared points.

This information along with our research report was used in a design sprint to actively search for solutions. These solutions were compiled into one of the infographics to present and show all over the office.

What have I learned?

It's amazing to look into people's real life processes. To find out where they differ and especially to find points everyone agrees on. Many of these points are actually actionable points for the company where they can really make a change in the life of the intermediaries.

Speaking to clients can give so much insights, it's something I love to take with me in every assignment.

Thank you

For taking time to read and learn about me and my work

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